Archaeology in Jerusalem

JUNE 28 – JULY 19, 2023

The program offers students an intensive course in Southern Levant archaeology within the context of community life at the Maronite convent, in the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem. The program includes day trips to several sites in the South, with a particular focus on the Dead Sea region and the Negev desert, and an excursion to the North of the country with overnight stays in Nazareth and near Lake Tiberias for the study of Galilee.

The key strength of the course is the broad range of professors, who belong to various schools and many of whom are the authors of seminal publications or have directed archaeological excavations, which they will illustrate during the course. Classroom lessons will alternate with excursions to the main archaeological sites. Lessons and visits will be mainly in Italian.

Registrations are open from January 10 to April 17, 2023.

For information on the academic program

Professor Marcello Fidanzio

For practical information and registration

Agenzia Soderini Viaggi
Via L. Soderini 55, Milano
Tel. + 39 02/48376169

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